Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business and here are some of the things they have told us.  These statements reflect their individual experiences and opinions. As such we make no claims about our products as they are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.   We trust you will benefit from using our products.

Anxiety and Insomnia

After hearing from my best friend the benefits she had experienced with CBD oil, I decided to give it a try.  I had been struggling with anxiety for years and recently was experiencing major insomnia.  I ordered my first bottle of 100 mg peppermint and a bottle of the orange, as I wasn’t sure what flavour I would like.  From the very first time I took it, I noticed a change in my sleep.  I still struggled with staying asleep, but when I WAS asleep I was in a deep, restful sleep.  I woke up feeling better than I had in weeks.  It took longer to notice a change in my anxiety levels.  My friends started commenting on how much calmer I appeared and then I realized that it was indeed having an affect on my emotional well-being.  I was feeling much more relaxed about what was going on around me, and not so worried about the future.  After the first bottles were finished, I purchased the 500 mg of orange and have now started sleeping completely through the night.  I wake up refreshed and thinking more clearly than I have in months.  Overall, I’m very happy with my results and have been recommending CBD oil to family and friends. — Natasha B.

Chronic Pain and Insomnia

I was eager to try My Essential CBD Oil (recently renamed Relibrium Hemp Oil) when I first heard about all of the various conditions it could potentially help. The night I received my oil I tried the 100mg peppermint for a headache and within minutes my head started to feel better. I also slept very well that night and every night since starting on the oil. I was able to have a very restful sleep for the first time in a while and woke up feeling much better. I would also say that it has helped me with some aches and pains I’ve been having. Overall I am very pleased with the results and highly recommend this for anyone who would prefer natural over pharmaceutical products. I look forward to seeing what other types of CBD products the essential line will have in the very near future.  — Domenick P.

PTSD, Anxiety, Insomnia and High Blood Pressure

I have been taking the My Essential CBD Oil (recently renamed Relibrium Hemp Oil) for 1 month now. The first evening I took the product I slept 9 hours straight. Most nights I am up 2-3x a night as I suffer from PTSD. Since taking CBD oil I feel rested and alert during the day. I also notice a calm during the day I didn’t have before. It seems my blood pressure has also dropped and that the product is acting like a mild diuretic. My abdomen has decreased in size also, I am not sure if this is the better sleep ( I don’t wake up and eat in the middle of the night) or the product effect itself. I also notice I don’t have nervous eating like I have had a good share of my life. My son also takes the product and is sleeping better too. — Marty M.

Chronic Pain

I have suffered with chronic pain for most of my adult life post children. After seeing many doctors who were proficient at writing prescriptions, generally Vicodin, and various other drugs, I continued my search for relief and root problem. My thirst for answers and appetite for relief and comfort was a daily prayer. I cried out to God for help! Eventually I gave up on traditional medical practitioners, or perhaps I had felt as they had given up on me.

I diligently researched the internet and read everything I could pertaining to chronic pain. I spoke to any who listened to desperately find relief. I sought out homeopath or natural doctors. During these many years, and countless of thousands of dollars and hours, I was only finding temporary relief at best. I stripped out anything unnatural in my diet, anything that man processed was eliminated from my diet. A lot easier said than done! That meant cutting out dairy, sugar, bread. yeast or any processed foods. It was what I considered an anti-inflammatory diet. I consumed only whole foods, organic and natural, anything that God made I ate! Diet and exercise helped some, but I still had major flare-ups. It wasn’t until I was at a wedding in Newport Beach one afternoon I met a gentleman that suggested CBD oil as a way to find some relief and possible healing. I knew nothing about CBD oil. I quickly learned that CBD oil was being researched as a natural therapeutic agent for many different diseases and ailments from Autoimmune Disorders, to Seizures. Discovering that it is natural and safe, I was eager to try CBD oil. This became the first natural product strong enough with zero psychoactive effects to relieve my pain for a sustained period of time. I can tell you that for me the CBD oil 500mg has changed my life. Today it’s rare to have flare ups or any chronic pain. As an aside, I found that I sleep so much better since using CBD oil.

Thank you Relibrium for giving me a better quality of life. I pray that all the folks that are suffering will find this product to help improve their quality of life. If you are unsure, do your own research. See what the doctors and experts are saying. Read through the FAQ’s. For all those suffering, I pray you find relief. — Debbie L.


My wife has suffered headaches brought on by arthritis in her neck for decades.  She took Tylenol every 4-6 hours to keep the pain from bringing on a migraine.  Two years ago, during her annual  physical, the doctor noted some liver damage.  She was told to stop taking tylenol, but was not offered a safe alternative! The choice was now continuous headaches leading to debilitating migraines, or further damage to her liver.  I used the internet to research an alternative and ran across an ad for CBD Oil.  I was skeptical. (In the 1980’s I was a drug dog handler and only knew hemp as another form of pot.) But I checked CBD out very thoroughly and decided it worth a try.

Now, where to buy it?  So many unregulated products are not what they claim or are produced in ways that are not safe for human consumption!  In my research I noted some national laboratories that researched medical marijuana products, so I called one.  They had no buy-in to any one product so I felt I could get unbiased information.  They referred me to a couple of internet publications they knew actually did the research and analysis on products they reviewed, not just taking the word of product marketers.  I found an article that spoke highly of your oils.  They actually tested your products and they contained EXACTLY what you claimed.  As your products are made in America I don’t worry so much about the poisons used by China and third world processors.

I purchased a small bottle for my wife just to see if it worked.  Still skeptical she tried it and found the headaches were kept at bay.  She used a full dropper twice a day and only suffered mild headaches, not even a quarter as bad as usual.  After a month, with NO Tylenol, we were convinced.  We ordered the bigger bottle and she started taking a half dropper twice a day.  We now know that that was a much larger dose than before, but with the larger dose there were NO headaches at all.

We now know that CBD Oil works for inflammatory pain.    — John D. 

Mood, Swelling and Pain

On Sept 15th, 2015, I had surgery on my right foot, to repair some ligament damage.  This included the cutting down of the bones of 2 toes, and adding 4 screws to hold the ligaments back in place.  I had an incision on the top of my foot as well as down the ball of my foot.  I was in a boot for 6 weeks, followed by 5 weeks of physical therapy.  I was constantly in pain, when I would step down on the ball of my foot.  Also, when I put pressure on the ball of my foot it felt like something was about to come through the top of my foot.  I thought it was scar tissue.

When I followed up with my podiatrist, he said where the pain is, the bottom of the screws where.  He also said what I felt on the top was also the screws.  The only way to fix it is by taking the screws out.  I was in pain for about a year prior to the surgery already but my son had some medical issues that needed to be worked out before I could do anything.

I have taken narcotics to help with the pain but I can’t drive while taking them. Truly they only helped me sleep.  I was still always in pain.  I tried taking 800mg of ibuprofen every 4 hours for pain relief but it wasn’t helping. I eventually quit taking anything and just dealt with pain. Often I would walk on the side of my foot which only made things worse.

My friend, Domenick, shared My Essential CBD Oil (renamed Relibrium Hemp Oil) with me.  It was never something I had even thought of trying.  As I researched it and talked to my husband about it we decided it was worth a try.  I got my bottles of the 100mg on Saturday, December 5th.  I tried it right away, a little reluctantly and only half of a serving (or half of the dropper).  I didn’t want to overdo it right away.  I had a migraine anyway that day so I thought it was worth a try.  Within 3 hours, my migraine was down to a dull roar.  I was starting to get excited!  By morning about 12 hours later, the migraine was gone with no “migraine hangover”.  I was also able to walk “normal”.  I’m able to put pressure on the spots that have been hurting me for about a year and a half!  I still feel pressure on those screws (which will be removed soon), but it has taken almost all the pain away that all of those other medicines couldn’t touch.  There where days when I could barely walk 15 steps to the bathroom.  I’m now walking all over, able to stand and do dishes or cook dinner where I haven’t been able to before because of the pain. I was not able to stand for long without massive pain.

My Essential CBD Oil has definitely become a necessity for me!  Some days I take 2 servings now that I’m used to it and some days I only take a half a serving.  I take it when I start hurting, and have some relief almost instantly.  It is also helping with my depression and anxiety.  I haven’t felt either of them since I started taking it.  It’s curbing cravings and suppressing my appetite, which I need, as I am also pretty overweight, and have gained a lot since my surgery.  The only thing I can say, is this CBD Oil  is simply amazing!  — Lindsay L.

Autoimmune, Nerve pain, Fatigue and Insomnia

Ten years ago I was diagnosed with a progressive auto immune disease. As a young wife & mother this diagnosis was devastating. I was faced with making many decisions & found the process very overwhelming. Not only was I dealing with life changing diagnosis, but I was also faced with the challenge of how to best treat it. After my husband researched natural options, I decided that I wanted to try dealing with this condition naturally.

This disease affected almost every area of my life. My energy was non-existent, my sleep was terrible, I had tingling & numbness in my extremities. I found I was struggling with depression & anxiety & life as I knew it had changed. Over the years I have tried many different things & have had success with some of those treatments.

Recently I was introduced to My Essential CBD Oil (renamed Relibrium Hemp Oil) and the benefits it brings. I have been taking it for about 6 weeks now and it has really changed my life. I have noticed a huge reduction in my anxiety. If I am having an overly anxious day, I take the CBD and within moments I feel more peaceful & at ease … it takes the edge off.

I also notice a huge difference in my sleep. Typically I sleep very lightly and wake up often throughout the night. Since taking Essential CBD I sleep deeply & soundly through the night & wake up feeling more rested. One of the effects of my disease is that I have neuropathy and I especially notice it in my right arm. Since taking Essential CBD I have noticed a reduction in the neuropathy that I feel, so that my arm no longer aches with the nerve pain. I look forward to discovering more ways that CBD will benefit my condition & am blessed to have benefited so greatly already. I love that I can do something natural, without the harmful side effects.  — Gloria C.

Aspergers with GAD

My experience with My Essential CBD Oil (renamed Relibrium Hemp Oil): I’ve noticed less anxiety during my sleep hours. For some time I’ve been getting up for bathroom breaks frequently until I began taking two drops a day. Now I get up maybe once at night. My triggers seem to set off about 30% less when taking the oil twice a day. I wish to see that percentage rise over time. Overall, I am certain something positive is happening with my everyday anxiety but I am not seeing defining visual results just yet. I wish to continue using the oil and I believe a higher dosage will reach those percentages I am seeking in my day to day living. Time will tell.  — David C.