Luminous Dew Plant Rejuvenation Stem Cell Face Cream


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Stem Cell Face Cream

Our Luminous Dew Plant Stem-Cell Rejuvenation Cream features powerful ToxicFree™ antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients combined with Nopal stem cells for a lasting youthful appearance. Reverse the visible of aging and restore youthful luster to your skin with this all-natural stem cell face cream. Botanical stem cells work by filling in and plumping up fine lines and wrinkles while brightening skin tone and smoothing texture.

Environmental stressors such as wind and debris can cause your skin to dry out, allowing it to age prematurely. This stem cell therapy cream works to replenish skin, allowing it to better defend itself from environmental stress. We use highly advanced botanical ingredients that promote resilient, young, and youthful-looking skin.

A Botanical Stem Cell Face Cream With Proven Results

Luminous Dew Plant contains clinically proven extracts that help reverse the apparent signs while being completely safe and non-toxic.

Plant stem cells work to help ensure collagen production while it deeply nourishes and revives dull looking skin. They work at the epidermis level to reinforce the natural reconstruction of your skin cells.

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