Phyto-500 Mixed Berry


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Every 2oz bottle of Phyto-500 contains at least 500 milligrams of whole-food phytocannabinoids, yielding 10% cannibidiol from our proprietary Purh-BlendTM and full-spectrum industrial hemp.
Our proprietary Purh-BlendTM is a fusion from a select combination of plants and foods rich in phytocannabinoids with naturally occurring terpenes and essential fatty acids from hemp, cocoa, clove, turmeric, black pepper and echinacea.

– Proprietary Purh-BlendTM of plant-based cannabinoids
– Full Spectrum Industrial Hemp grown on eco-friendly farms
– Solvent-free extraction
– Only the finest quality ingredients
– Made in a certified GMP facility
– Third party tested for purity and consistency

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